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Quality, charm and tranquility are certainly the main ingredients of the success of Hotel Angioino. With an essential completion "the Hospitality typical of the tradition and culture of the territory": that is, a friendly, familiar, warm but discreet, polite and professional hospitality, which knows how to express those values matured and settled in the millenary history of Culture. An increasingly appreciated and sought-after Hospitality, which manifests itself in the quality, variety and typicality of the locations of the structures, of the staff, and also in the typical cuisine of the places where the various Locations are located,  and in the beauty, history and uniqueness of our territories.

In summary, a Way of Being enchanted, pampered, spoiled and enchanted, as only the Guests of the Angioino can tell. Angioino's facilities are located in the port area, near the Federico II University, and in Piazza della Borsa, in the nerve center of the university and historical life of the city. In a context, comparable to an open-air museum accessible to all, to be visited and enjoyed simply by walking along its streets rich in historical testimonies in a small area. They are also very close to the Molo Beverello from where all the excursions depart.
A few steps from the historic center
In fact, it is possible to admire a large number of churches and monasteries with their marvelous cloisters and various museums with their artistic treasures. Thanks to the central location of the structures, the majestic Palazzo Reale, the Maschio Angioino and also the the Piazza dei Martiri area characterized by the shops of the most important national and international brands as well as typical restaurants where you can taste the gastronomic specialties of Naples.
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